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Update #31: Advisory on COVID-19

UPDATE #31 | 31 March 2022



While the pandemic situation is improving in Canada, resulting in the relaxation of many public health guidelines, COVID numbers and hospitalizations in Canada have plateaued. The impact of the more transmissible BA.2 subvariant in the context of eased restrictions is also uncertain. In addition, it is well documented that high performance athletes are at higher risk of respiratory infections which are a major cause of preventable lost training and competition days. To minimize the incidence and impact of these infections, including COVID – 19, SMAC strongly recommends continued implementation of all infection control and prevention measures as follows:

  • Full vaccination, including a third dose (when eligible)
  • Frequent hand washing
  • Mask wearing at all times indoors, except for during specific training
  • N95KN95 or equivalent masks are recommended
  • Respect social distancing of 2 meters
  • Ideally, individual rooms for accommodation of staff and athletes during training camps or travel
  • Whenever possible, limit group and social gatherings, especially when indoors

New entries to a team training camp or return to a team daily training environment after travelling by public transportation
We continue to recommend testing be conducted with any travel by plane or train. There are 3 recommended protocols to ‘Clear’ an athlete after travel as requiring no further testing for COVID-19:

  1. Two self-administered RAg test (24 hours apart) prior to departure and daily for the first 3 days upon arrival, or
  2. Self-administered RAg test 24 hours prior to departure and daily for the first 2 days upon arrival plus PCR test on Day 3.
  3. If no testing is done as above, access to CSI is permitted 10 days after arrival from international and domestic travel.

Once one of the 3 protocols has been satisfied, no further testing is required.

NOTE: Anyone who develops symptoms after travel should be considered a presumed COVID positive case and follow the local public health or Sport Institute COVID positive protocol for self-isolation.

High Performance Sport Conferences/Gatherings*
(Coaches, Practitioners, Technical Staff)
*requiring travel using public transport (train, plane)

  1. Self-administered RAg testing 1 day prior to travel and one additional test upon arrival at destination
  2. Arrival attestation of 2 negative RAg tests (i.e., one day prior to departure plus test upon arrival)
  3. Continued mask wearing in congregated environment
  4. Recommended departure self-administered RAg test if returning to daily training environment

Close Contact (with a person known to have a positive case)
Continued entry to training camp or DTE for asymptomatic close contact, fully vaccinated (3 doses) or having tested positive for COVID-19 in the last 90 days is allowed based on

  • Negative daily RAg test for 7 consecutive days following last known close contact
  • Mask wearing all the time at training

If mask wearing is not possible for training (eg combat sport; aquatic sport)

  • Isolation for 5 days and 2 consecutives negative RAg test on days 6&7 before returning to camp or DTE on day 7

NOTE: If someone in the Close Contact protocol develops symptoms, they should be considered a presumed COVID positive case and follow the local public health or sport institute COVID positive protocol for self-isolation.

The above policy guidelines may not supersede Federal, Provincial, Territorial, and/or Regional Public Health Guidelines that require higher level of restrictions.