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Update #3: Advisory on COVID-19

UPDATE #3 | 13 March 2020



At this point there are over 134,824 cases worldwide, 4,284 deaths and over 70,000 recovered. There are 123 countries reporting cases. The WHO has declared COVID-19 as a pandemic.

In Canada the numbers remain small at 157 cases and one death and now 9 recovered. The risk level remains low and in the last day many provinces have changed or implemented travel restrictions. The table below list the latest info for travelers returning from outside Canada. There are no restrictions or policies about travel within Canada at this time.

People who are currently abroad:   The international situation is rapidly evolving and most people are returning to Canada as quickly as possible. Please consult with Chief Medical Officers (CMOs) regarding appropriate self-isolation and/or hygiene practices upon return.

People looking to travel: The current trend is to avoid non-essential travel, and especially international travel. Please consider international or domestic travel carefully and consult with CMOs and investigate regional or provincial travel advisories.

Staging of events:  Numerous organizations are canceling sporting events out of an abundance of caution. We recommend that you contact public health officials if you are considering canceling or postponing upcoming sporting events and/or limit/restrict spectators.


In all cases if you have symptoms or have questions you should contact your team CMO or CSIO CMO/ team physician. For guidance on what self isolation entails please see the attached guidance below.


It can not emphasized enough to continue to be diligent in self care including hand washing, use of hand sanitizer and cough etiquette.

All sports in consultation with their CMO/team physicians need to do a risk assessment of their training facilities for the risk of community transmission and increased facility hygiene and disinfection processes.
INSURANCE : Based on the experience of certain sports, there is a growing risk that, in light of risks due to the COVID-19 virus, personal insurance coverage may no longer cover athletes when traveling abroad. You are therefore strongly encouraged to contact your insurance provider prior to athlete travel to confirm insurance coverage.



Travel Advisories

China, Iran, Italy: Level 3 – Avoid non-essential travel

Do not travel to these areas at this time unless such travel is absolutely required for Olympic or Paralympic qualification. If you must go, use hyper-vigilant hand and face hygiene.

Japan, South Korea: Level 2 – Practice special precautions

In this context, with no available vaccine, this means to be hyper-vigilant about routine hygiene (see Level 1), and restrict travel to venues required for competition, training or accommodation. Avoid busy public places if possible.

France, Germany, Hong Kong, Singapore, Spain: Level 1 – Practice usual precautions

This includes proper hand hygiene (washing with soap for 20 seconds or use of hand disinfectants with >60% alcohol), covering coughs and sneezes with tissue that is then disposed of and hands cleaned, and avoiding contact with face, nose, or eyes with unclean hands, as well as frequent wiping of equipment and objects touched by hands.

Further Questions:

Further information about COVID-19 may be obtained from your NSO Chief Medical Officer or Team Physician, or the Chief Medical Officers of the Sport Medicine Advisory Committee.

Dr. Mike Wilkinson, Canadian Olympic Committee: [email protected]
Dr. Andy Marshall Canadian, Paralympic Committee: [email protected]
Dr. Suzanne Leclerc, Institut National du Sport du Québec: [email protected]
Dr. Doug Richards, Canadian Sport Institute Ontario: [email protected]
Dr. Brian Benson, Canadian Sport Institute Calgary: [email protected]
Dr. Paddy McCluskey, Canadian Sport Institute Pacific: [email protected]