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Update #18: Advisory on COVID-19

UPDATE #18 | 3 June 2020



Disease Update

The number of confirmed cases of COVID-19 is over 6.5 million with over 3 million recovered and 383,000 deaths. Mortality rate in Canada is 8 %. Many countries are continuing to reopen aspects of their economies and loosen restrictions and we are monitoring the results carefully.

In Canada we have over 92,400 cases, 7,400 deaths and 50,000 (55%) recovered. Of the 34,000 presently active cases in Canada 97% are classified as mild. The curve has been flattened for the most part with few “hot spots” but we must continue to be diligent as the weather improves and some relaxation of measures may be taken as a green light by some to return to “normal” way of doing things.

This progressive relaxation of restrictions will have an impact on training and access to facilities, but timing will differ across regions and across different sports. Each athlete and sport is working on plans and using the guidelines as set out in the R-SAT (Return to Sport Assessment Tool) and the recent publication of the COVID-19 Return to High Performance Sport Framework from the High Performance Return to Sport Task Force.

Institutes and Training Facilities

At this stage all Canadians remain under national and provincial public health guidance and as such the majority of institutes and public training facilities remain closed at this time. The timing and level of operations possible will be dependent on the local restrictions in place at the time and vary from one institute to another. A summary of present status is given below.

The medical clinic will start seeing patients in person beginning next week, they continue to work with the provincial government on the opening of the facility for training.

CSIO opened their strength and conditioning facilities on June 2, 2020. Please check with them on the details of what services are open and how they may be accessed.

CSI Calgary
CSI Calgary facility / indoor training remains closed at this time. Outdoor training has started.

CSI Pacific
Plan is for opening 15 June and please check with institute for details.

Return to Training in Clubs and Groups

The Return to Sport Task Force has published their COVID-19 Return to High Performance Sport Framework as well as a Club Risk Assessment and Mitigation Checklist Tool that has been developed. English and French copies of the documents are available on Own the Podium’s web site ( COVID-19 Resources).

The Task Force continues to work on several other aspects including CCES testing, protocols for testing of symptomatic members of the team and return to sport after positive COVID-19 infection.

Mental Health Update


It is possible that one of us (e.g. athlete, coach, IST, family member) contracts COVID-19. Working with local public health authorities is crucial for the person affected, and those around him/her. Concerns, worries and anxiety about becoming or being ill are normal, and can be managed by following these next steps:

  • Preparation is an antidote to anxiety and leads to effective coping. Know the signs & symptoms, what to do, what to expect, and where to access support along the way.
  • Follow guidelines and directions from your health authorities (e.g. self-isolation, quarantine), and ask for practical support from others (e.g. supplies, groceries).
  • Inform your team physician, coach, MPC, or another trusted IST member about your situation and condition. Discuss who is going to be the point-person for contact and information sharing, and what can or should be shared with others (e.g. staff, teammates, others).
  • Initiate contact with your MPC or others (see Mental Health Resource Guide) for support to maintain your well-being.