Strength & Conditioning

Rubber tubing can play an important role in an athlete’s strength program, particularly when they are travelling.

It is important to note, as tubing is stretched the resistance increases, the longer the tubing is stretched the harder it gets to stretch it further. For many exercises, you will stand on the middle of the tubing with one foot so that there is equal resistance in each hand.  Adjusting your foot position will increase or decrease the resistance. Standing on the tubing with both feet will increase the resistance and moving your feet apart will increase it further. If you stand nearer one end of the tubing you will increase the resistance at the end closest to your foot and decrease the resistance at the other end. If you attach your tubing to a wall rail or doorjamb standing further away from the attachment will increase your resistance.

It is very important to keep track of where you stand in relation to attachment points and where you put your feet on the tubing. This will help you monitor your improvement and make sure that your workouts are consistently done with the same or greater resistance.