A look at how CSIO elevates people and performances and our impact on the Ontario and Canadian sport system from the athletes, coaches, and sport organizations we support.

The Impact of OHPSI

OHPSI Testimonials

OHPSI Testimonials

OHPSI Testimonials

OHPSI Testimonials

OHPSI Testimonials

Andrea Nelson

“CSIO and OHPSI have helped me immensely in providing me with the opportunities for high performance training. The CSIO facility, athlete services, and staff that are available to us have helped me to get where I am in a very short amount of time.”

Aaliyah Edwards

“Having access to these resources [CSIO and OHPSI] has made a SIGNIFICANT difference to my overall well-being and the success I have had so far as a student athlete.”

Sarah Douglas

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without CSIO and OHPSI. I have worked with so many experts and professionals at CSIO and been inspired when at the sport institute.”

Nick Wammes

“Nick is someone we are very proud to have come out of our OHPSI programming, not only because of his cycling success but also because of his character. His work ethic is second to none, he has volunteered his time with Team Ontario, and continues to be a role model to aspiring athletes.”

As submitted by Ontario Cycling

Emily Armstrong

“Specialized sport support services provided through CSIO’s OHPSI program, played a significant role in Emily’s Olympic journey and demonstrate how augmented services enhance athlete performance and assist in Building Champions.”

As submitted by Ontario Artistic Swimming

The Impact of
Game Plan

Game Plan Quotes

Game Plan helped me grow my business, Head to Head, by providing me with tools to build confidence away from my swim career. I completed my Masters in Management Innovation and Entrepreneurship at the Smith School of business and did the YouToi2.0 program. Both of these amazing Game Plan programs allowed me to learn so much about myself, enhance my support network, and build a business that continues to help provide a platform for other athletes to make some money, and give back to the next generation and corporate world.

Martha McCabe

Game Plan has been fundamental in helping me continue to develop in my professional career by providing access to programs which enhance my knowledge in specialty areas relating to my current projects. They continue to support me post athletic career and I am incredibly grateful.

Gillian Ferrari

From a personal development standpoint, Game Plan has given me opportunity to partake in leadership courses and public—all of which compliment each other well… pretty sure Game Plan has helped me with every application! I am exceptionally grateful for Game Plan. The Game Plan services I have found most helpful are the one-on-one consultations, and the partnership with Queens Smith School of Business. A couple of years ago, I took the Smith Executive Leadership Program. Hands down, that has been one of the most influential experiences of my entire life.

Erica Gavel

At first, Game Plan helped launch me into my career as a professional athlete. I was onboarded into the Program and set up with a Sports Psychologist, Nutritionist, Physio, and a Strength and Conditioning coach – all of which helped guide me into what it takes to get to the next level. After my first year with Game Plan, I had more meetings with my advisor who broadened my knowledge on all of the unique opportunities that come with being a Canadian National Team Athlete. Game Plan continues to be an important part of life to help manage opportunities and bridge the gap between sport and career life.

Megan Farrell

Game Plan has allowed me to develop into a world class athlete, learning about body mechanics and nutritional ways to fuel my mind and body for success, has been invaluable. The staff at Game Plan has left an indelible impact on me as an athlete and person.

Shay Colley

For me, Game Plan was the catalyst for genuine connection, understanding, and growth during a time that was so isolating and challenging for everyone. Through the Game Plan Co-Op Calls which connected Canadian Athletes from various sport disciplines to talk about everything from our current experiences training during the lockdown, dealing with the Olympic Postponement, examining our values and goals, and even sharing tips to find routine and normalcy amongst the chaos.

Madeleine Price

I began working with CSIO & Game Plan to further my athletic and post-athletic career. I also became a WKF Accredited Coach, and a Provincial Judge, Kata A, Kumite B, and I’m working toward my National levels.

Patricia Wright

After discovering Game Plan in 2021, I have been blown away by the amount of resources available to current and former athletes. Game Plan Day is one of the best conferences I’ve attended and is an amazing resource and learning tool for athletes looking to prepare themselves for life after sport. In addition, the many mental health services available by Game Plan help me cope with the day to day stresses of my corporate life as well as the education tools to refine my skills and help me further my career after sport are incredible. I’m looking forward to one day heading back to school and taking advantage of the fantastic partnership between Game Plan and the Smith School of Business at Queen’s. Whether you are an athlete preparing for life after sport or simply looking to take advantage of the free resources to help you with your training I encourage you to get in touch with your Game Plan Advisor to see what is available to help you.

Andrea Lombardo

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