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Statement from COPSI Network regarding the announcement of a $5 million investment by COC, CPC and OTP

Statement from the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute (COPSI) Network regarding the announcement of a $5 million investment by the Canadian Olympic Committee (COC), the Canadian Paralympic Committee (CPC) and Own the Podium (OTP) for the phased return to high performance sport in Canada


“We thank the COCCPC and OTP for this most significant investment in optimizing safe and healthy environments for athletes to return to high performance sport,” underlines Dale Henwood, President & CEO, Canadian Sport Institute Calgary representing the COPSI Network.

“Across the country, the COPSI Network has continued to support high performance athletes and coaches from a distance during the confinement period. Our experts have a front row seat to witness the challenges and needs that arise as we approach the resumption of activities. All members of the network are currently working on the reopening of their facilities and resuming services . We are working to ensure the return is in accordance with national and provincial health guidelines and to create a healthy and safe training environment. The best way to support athletes is to help them stay healthy. The COPSI Network and its experts are committed to continue our collaboration with the Return to Sport Task Force. We will continue to work closely with medical experts to monitor the situation going forward and will adjust our Return to Sport framework appropriately.”


About the COPSI Network

The Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute (COPSI) Network provides world-leading training environments to elite athletes and coaches across Canada. The team of experts delivers sport science and medicine, coaching, research and innovation, education, and Game Plan services to power podium performances and help Canada win more medals. The Network includes four Canadian Sport Institutes (Pacific, Calgary, Ontario and Québec) and three Canadian Sport Centres (Saskatchewan, Manitoba and Atlantic).


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