What qualification will the ACD program give me? Any difference from Level 4/5 system?

The short answer is that the ACD diploma qualification will not change at all. The key is to understand the difference between Level 4 certification and an ACD diploma, recognizing that they are not exactly the same. The current ACD diploma curriculum consists of NCCP modules in specific content areas like nutrition, strength and mental preparation to name a few. To graduate with a diploma, coaches are required to complete all of modules and present a comprehensive portfolio including a detailed yearly plan. The ACD diploma is a valued accreditation for Ontario and Canada’s advanced coaches. Level 4 Certification, on the other hand, is accredited by the coach’s National Sport Organization. Coaches graduating with an ACD diploma may have accumulated the designated number and type of tasks required for Level 4 certification. However, often coaches may need to satisfy other requirements designated by the NSO, which could be additional tasks or demonstrated experience coaching High Performance athletes. Hence, an NCI graduate could be eligible for level 4 certification, but not necessarily fulfill the requirements for Level 4 certification. Please check with your NSO for sport specific requirements of certification.