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Monitoring Athletes Remotely With Ryan Macdonald, CSIO S&C Coach, Volleyball Canada (Beach) IST Lead

As a second step to a previous session on Remote Programming, ensuring athletes are engaging and making the gains expected is a key outcome desired by coaches.

Ryan MacDonald is the IST lead for Volleyball Canada (Beach).  With athletes and teams traveling the world for various competitions, monitoring their progress and managing tapers at key times is a critical piece to ensuring Canadian success on the international stage.  This session will showcase Volleyball Canada’s approach to athlete monitoring, with the discussion promoting consideration for sports to improve their monitoring systems in the PSO space and the ever-increasing likelihood of decentralized programming in the near future.

We hope this 45-minute presentation will be of value to you as we look to “do more, with less” in the coming months.


Topic: Monitoring Athletes Remotely

Presenters:  Ryan MacDonald, CSIO Strength and Conditioning Coach – Volleyball Canada (Beach) IST Lead

Date:  Thursday 28th, May 28, 2020

Time:  12:00pm – 12:45pm

Platform: Microsoft Teams


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