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Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative

Identifying, supporting, and building Ontario’s future national and international champions.

Athlete lifting a barbell in the CSIO gym.

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OHPSI Impact

Elevating People & Performances

OHPSI has provided leadership, coaching support, sport science and sport medicine services, equipment and technology, competition and training camp enhancements, and facility access to create optimal daily training environments for Ontario athletes and coaches since it’s inception in 2010.

OHPSI Testimonials

“CSIO and OHPSI have helped me immensely in providing me with the opportunities for high performance training. The CSIO facility, athlete services, and staff that are available to us have helped me to get where I am in a very short amount of time.”

Andrea Nelson Para Canoe Kayak

OHPSI Testimonials

“Having access to these resources [CSIO and OHPSI] has made a SIGNIFICANT difference to my overall well-being and the success I have had so far as a student athlete.”

Aaliyah Edwards Basketball

OHPSI Testimonials

“I wouldn’t be where I am today without CSIO and OHPSI. I have worked with so many experts and professionals at CSIO and been inspired when at the sport institute.”

Sarah Douglas Sailing

OHPSI Testimonials

“Nick is someone we are very proud to have come out of our OHPSI programming, not only because of his cycling success but also because of his character. His work ethic is second to none, he has volunteered his time with Team Ontario, and continues to be a role model to aspiring athletes.”


Nick Wammes Track Cycling

OHPSI Testimonials

“Specialized sport support services provided through CSIO’s OHPSI program, played a significant role in Emily’s Olympic journey and demonstrate how augmented services enhance athlete performance and assist in Building Champions.”


Emily Armstrong Artistic Swimming

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Our practitioners work collaboratively to provide best-in-class support to athletes, coaches, and sport organizations.

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We elevate people and performances with tailored high performance solutions.

Coach & Tech Leader Education

CSIO offers various professional development programs and opportunities to help educate and train high performance pathway coaches and technical leaders to enhance their effecti...