Technical Leadership Services

CSIO provides support to targeted Provincial and National Sport Organizations (PSOs/NSOs) through CSIO High Performance Athlete Advisors to assist them in the facilitation and implementation of their athlete development pathway and quadrennial and yearly training plans.

CSIO has a team of High Performance Athlete Development Advisors who work closely with the sports in our OHPSI program and partnered National Team programs to provide program planning support to ensure the effective integration of CSIO’s sport science and sport medicine services to meet the identified needs of the sport, and contribute to the successful outcomes for their athletes and coaches. Through this technical leadership, CSIO assists the sports in developing athletes and coaches who will go on to their sports’ Senior National Team and international competition, and enhances the sports’ ability to achieve international podium performances.

Our expert staff works closely with PSOs/NSOs and key sport system stakeholders to further build relationships and provide leadership in shaping the future of sport in Ontario and Canada.

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