Strength & Conditioning

Our Strength & Conditioning Team collaborates with coaches and athletes to maximize performance through the development and delivery of exercise interventions. Programming is systematic and evidence-based, created based on sport demands and athlete requirements. A primary focus on athlete health is achieved through attentive coaching, appropriate loading, and augmented feedback in order to mitigate the risk of injury during and resulting from training. Athlete progress is tracked through the testing and monitoring of identified key performance indicators.

At CSIO, athletes and coaches have access to world-class strength & conditioning equipment including a Woodway Blade Oversized Treadmill, which is embedded in the floor for accessibility; an Intelligent Motion Lifter, with automation to provide safe training; Olympic lifting platforms; battle rope; cardio machines; stationary bikes; and a private 35m, 3 lane running track which opens to a full 200m public track.

Strength & Conditioning Services Include:

  • Sport demands and athlete needs assessment and consultation
  • Planning, periodization and design of training programs
  • Testing and monitoring of strength and power qualities
  • Program delivery and hands-on coaching of exercise technique
  • Education and seminar delivery