Sport Physiology

At CSIO our Physiology Team ensures that athletes are optimizing their training for the best physiological adaptation. We monitor athletes’ physiological parameters (such as respiratory, cardiovascular, and metabolic) and provide them with diverse training prescriptions specific to their physiology and their competition environment.

Additionally, our team coordinates lab-based and mobile testing to assess and monitor athlete progression, and in-turn deliver valuable data to the rest of the CSIO Performance Services team and coaches.

Physiology Services include:

  • Diverse aerobic and anaerobic capacity testing
  • Body composition and bone mineral density assessment (iDXA, BodPod, surface anthropometry)
  • K2Room – hypoxic training in our simulated altitude chamber
  • Monitoring thermoregulation
  • Respiratory function testing
  • Assessing metabolic parameters (i.e. resting metabolic rate)
  • Alter-G treadmill
  • Hemoglobin mass determination
  • Coach & athlete consultation on design of the year training plan (YTP)