Research & Innovation

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CSIO’s Applied Sport Sciences Research and Innovation Program is dedicated to conducting inter-disciplinary research that will have a direct impact on the performance and development of athletes, coaches, and sport practitioners. The focus of the program is to answer prioritized sport-driven questions that will mitigate performance and knowledge gaps in high performance sport.

A fundamental component of our research and innovation strategy is the development of partnerships that provide the CSIO with increased capacity, access to inter-disciplinary expertise, along with other research and innovation resources. CSIO collaborates with individual investigators, universities/colleges, industry, businesses, sport organizations and government agencies.

Our research portfolio covers a wide variety of disciplines to answer sport-driven research questions, specifically in the area of biomechanics, performance analytics, nutrition, psychology, physiology, technology, talent identification, sport medicine, paramedical, and strength and conditioning.


Project Areas:

  • Paralympic Innovation
  • Environmental and Nutritional Physiology
  • Sport Engineering
  • Biomechanics and Performance Analysis

For questions on CSIO’s Research & Innovation Program, please contact:

Heather M Logan-Sprenger, PhD, CSCS
CSIO Lead, Research & Innovation