Mental Performance

Mental performance and preparation are integral components to athlete success. Training the mind alongside the physical, technical and tactical skills is essential for high performance. Our dedicated Mental Performance Team works with athletes, coaches and integrated support team members to create a program that is individualized, periodized and sport specific. We will work to develop, refine and integrate the specific mental skills such as motivation, visualization, concentration, handling pressure and building self-confidence. The goal is to build a program that will improve an athlete’s daily training and competition performance.

CSIO also offers athlete use of our Recovery Pod, a relaxation chair aimed at improving concentration, well-being, and productivity. We also have a variety of tools to help assist athletes and coaches to develop more effective breathing patterns, manage their arousal level and strategies to clear their mind.

Mental Performance Services include:

  • Individual consultation sessions
  • Group educational sessions
  • Performance debriefing
  • Team building sessions