Biomechanics & Performance Analysis

Biomechanics and performance analysis is a broad term that encompasses multiple disciplines which are primarily centred on biomechanics, notational analysis and the use of technology to measure human movement. Biomechanics and performance analysis service providers use various technologies and video to analyze human movement patterns based on systematic observation. In biomechanics, the analyses focuses more on individual skills, where the techniques are broken down and examined in detail based on knowledge of mechanics and anatomical design of the human body. Notational analysis on the other hand focuses more on movement patterns in team sports, as they relate to factors like tactics and game strategy.

At CSIO, our Biomechanics & Performance Analysis Team deliver both lab-based and field-based performance measurement to provide evidence-based insights focused on answering coach-directed performance questions. Some of the technologies used by our Biomechanics & Performance Analysis Team include: force plates, 3D video motion capture, scientific ergometers, inertial measurement units, optical timing systems and video.

Biomechanics & Performance Analysis Services Include:

  • Identifying and monitoring sport-specific performance variables
  • Integration of technology into the sport environment
  • Providing objective feedback to aid coach and athlete development
  • Quantifying training and competition performances and identifying trends