A Pathway of Opportunities: Inspiring Women in Sport (Part 3 - Meghan Buttle and Jennifer Ferris)

By: David Grossman


Canadian Sport Institute Ontario believes in the power of sport and the importance of positive, inspiring role models and mentors at all levels of sport. This 5-part article series, written by award-winning sport journalist David Grossman, was designed to showcase how these remarkable women in the industry have used sport, and the many transferable skills learned through sport, as a pathway to professional opportunities and leadership positions.


Ensure that you warm-up properly and stay warm in preparation for competition.  Research shows that a 1-degree Celsius rise in muscle temperature can increase power output by 4%.


When exercising for long durations outside in the hot summer months make sure you have a cooling plan.  Stay hydrated by drinking cold fluid, prepare ice bags to place on your neck and hands to cool the skin, and bring extra cold water to spray on yourself for self-cooling. 

Mental Performance

Pressure: We often feel pressure to perform, managing it takes practice. Pressure affects us physically, mentally and emotionally which impacts our ability to perform at the highest level. Your capacity to perform well under pressure depends on your view of the situation, do you see it as crisis or a challenge?

Sport Medicine

“No Pain No Gain” does not apply to your joints!  While some muscle soreness is expected after vigorous workouts, you should never have pain in your joints after exercise. 

Safe Sport

Safe Sport

Through collaboration and harmonization across the sport sector, a universal code of conduct and sanctions will make sport safe for all athletes, coaches, officials, administrators and support staff, at all levels of sport in Canada.

CSIO Closure on Tuesday, June 26th, 2018

Please accept this note as a follow-up to the one yesterday regarding a public health concern and the closing of our performance floor today.

Catherine Hughes from TPASC confirmed that the cleaning company disinfected our facility overnight using Public Health guidelines.  Additionally, Catherine has been in direct contact with Public Health and they indicated, they are satisfied that we met (and exceeded) the requirements for this concern and can re-open for regular scheduled programming tomorrow.


Don’t be afraid of fibre! Fibre helps to manage blood sugars and keeps our bowels healthy. Choose whole grains, nuts/seeds, whole fruits and vegetables more often. Fibre can add stress to the gut, so it’s best to avoid fibre around training and give yourself a few hours to digest high fibre foods. 


Ever tried Kefir? It’s a milk product full of calcium and healthy probiotics that keep your gut healthy & balance immune function. Try it!

Sport Medicine

Recovery from training/competition is just as important as the training itself. It allows the body to return to its ready state so that you can train or compete at your peak the following day. Strategies such as active recovery, nutrition and sleep can all help with recovery. Be sure to implement these strategies in to your daily routine to improve performance and prevent injury.

Sport Medicine

A Tip When Training in Heat:
It can take elite athletes up to 2 weeks to adjust to hot temperatures and even longer for the week-end warrior.  Instead of training at 100% right away, it is safer to gradually increase exposure.  Slowly increase volume, duration, and intensity of your hot weather training while including frequent breaks and adequate hydration throughout.