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How You Can Take Advantage of the MILLIONS Partnership

All athletes with the Canadian Sport Institute Ontario can now sign up at to build their brands, connect with fans, and grow their followings.  It’s a one-stop shop to create merchandise, engage with fans through ask me anything videos, and get paid to host watch parties for the biggest and best sporting events.

Mandy Bujold is a Canadian boxer who represented her country on the world stage at the Tokyo Summer Games. “I was one of those athletes that used shirts as a way to fundraise at different points in my career. It was always so nice to see how friends and family wanted to be a part of the journey and their way to contribute was by buying a piece of merch and cheering me on,” says Bujold, “It really meant a lot to me.”

While Bujold appreciated the love and support, placing orders for merchandise, carrying around boxes of inventory, and selling directly to customers meant she wasn’t spending that time training for competitions and pushing herself to be her very best.

Photo credit: Michael P. Hall

MILLIONS launched in the spring of 2021 during the lead up to the Olympics, and Bujold recognized the incredible opportunity the platform presented. “I joined MILLIONS as an athlete in the lead up to Tokyo and it was amazing,” says Bujold, “on the merch side of things, I didn’t have to worry about fulfilling and shipping orders, but I still received support from my fans, which was great.”

Fast-forward to now, the spring of 2022, and thousands of athletes have registered on the MILLIONS platform.  Some of them are competing at the highest levels of their sport, while others are carving out amateur careers.  It doesn’t matter how far along an athlete is in their endeavours, they can sign up for free and start selling custom made merchandise.  The design team at MILLIONS works directly with all of the athletes to create brands, images, and designs that require the athlete’s approval.

“Our mission with CSIO is singular. We want to make amateur athletes more money, help them connect directly with their fans, and allow them to focus on their athletic dreams, their friends, and their families, while we take care of everything else. It’s a win-win for the athletes and for millions of Canadians cheering them on,” says MILLIONS CEO Matt Whitteker.

Photo courtesy of MILLIONS.

Arthur Biyarslanov is also a Canadian boxer who fights professionally.  He’s been on the MILLIONS platform for just a few months and in addition to selling his merchandise, he also engages with his fans through personal videos.  Fans can ask him anything and he responds with a video just for them.  He’s also been the subject of a couple of MILLIONS blog articles hyping up his competitions.  Biyarslanov says the experience has been tremendous, “I think it’s one of the best platforms there is for athletes… anybody that is looking to sell their stuff, their merch, and get some publicity, I think they should all join MILLIONS.”

Bujold was so impressed by the platform, following the Summer Games, she decided to join the team.

“Now that I am working with the team at MILLIONS, I want to support Canadian athletes and give them ways to build their brand and connect with fans. Give them opportunities I never had as an athlete.”

The partnership with the CSIO makes joining the MILLIONS platform easy for athletes.  Sheldon Persad is Senior Advisor, Business Performance, at the CSIO and says “as a result of this partnership, our affiliated athletes will have the opportunity to engage the expertise and support that MILLIONS offers to build and grow their individual athlete brand.”

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