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mercredi, 28 août, 2013

Athletics Ontario, Athletics Canada, and Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO) are pleased to announce the 2013-14 athletes for Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative (OHPSI). This is the fourth year for this provincial program that assists our High Performance developing athletes with customized support that will enhance their training and take their performances to the next level. AO’s OHPSI plan is closely linked to Athletics Canada’s Olympic Development Program (ODP) and this system alignment is already showing its positive effects. The success of this program is indicated by the tremendous international achievements of our present and former OHPSI athletes. A special note of recognition should also go to the coaches who have done tremendous work developing and shaping the targeted athletes programs.

OHPSI 2013-14

Continuing from 2012-13




Khamica Bingham 94 100/200, Desai Williams/Anthony McCleary
Shai-Ann Davis 94 100/200 Desai Williams/Anthony McCleary
Emma Galbraith 94 800/1500 Ray Elrick
Ashley Maddex 92 100mH McCleary /Williams
Segun Makinde 91 110H/200 Glenroy Gilbert
Philip Osei 90 400m Williams/ McCleary
Crystal Emmanuel 91 100/200m Williams/ McCleary
Melissa Bishop 89 800m Dennis Fairall
Dontae Richards-Kwok 89 100/200 Williams/ McCleary
Tremaine Harris 92 200/400 Williams/ McCleary
Sarah Wells 89 400mH Dave Hunt
Ross Proudfoot 92 1500m Dave Scott-Thomas
Noelle Montcalm 88 400mH Don Garrod
Taylor Stewart 91 LJ Vickie Croley/Frank Earle

2013-14 Additions

Alicia Brown 90 400m Bob Westman
Robin Bone 94 PV Dave Collins
Andre Forde-Azownanna 94 100/200


Heather Hamilton 88 PV Tom Moss
Gabriela Stafford 94 1500 Terry Radachenko
Mohamed Souleiman 93 1500 Ray Elrick
Anthony Romaniw 91 1500m Dave Scott-Thomas
Daundre Barnaby 90 400m Williams/ McCleary
Wes Vick 80 Para


Sue Wise, AO High Performance Coordinator, “believes that the support from CSIO has been instrumental in the development of AO athletes. It has taken their training, recovery, therapy, nutrition and mental training to the next level. These “rising stars” can now compete with the top nations in our sport.”

Debbie Low, CEO of CSIO states, “With funding from the Ministry of Tourism, Culture and Sport, CSIO has developed and launched the Ontario High Performance Initiative. We believe that providing a clear performance pathway for targeted athletes and coaches will help Ontario lead the way to the podium at the 2015 Pan Am Games and beyond. Specifically, athletes and coaches will have the ability to integrate Sport Science and Sport Medicine into their respective programs. They will also have the ability to access funds to assist in their competition travel, training camp attendance, and enhance their daily training environment. This type of support will be instrumental in setting the stage for the transition of athletes from elite development to the more senior levels of Athletics Canada National Team programming”.

Noelle Montcalm (Canadian Sr. Champion (400mH), World Championship Team Member), stated that “The OHPSI program has been a tremendous help in reaching many of my athletic goals. The funding and specific assistance I’ve received has helped me to train and compete at a higher level this season. Without the continued support I’ve received, I would not be able to reach the next level of success in this sport”.

About CSIO Ontario

The Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO) is a multi-sport organization that supports elite sport development and performance in Ontario through long-term partnerships with Provincial and National Sport Organizations. These relationships enable the CSIO to deliver holistic programs and sport science services to high performance coaches and athletes that enhance their ability to achieve international success.

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