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CSIO is a Proud Member of the Canadian Olympic & Paralympic Sport Institute Network

Members of the COPSI Network

APP carded athletes have access to all members of the Network if they are travelling, away for school, etc.

Canadian Sport Institute – Ontario

Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO) is a non-profit organization committed to the pursuit of excellence by providing world-class programs, services, and leadership to high performance athletes, coaches, and National and Provincial Sport Organizations to enhance their ability to achieve international podium performances. Our team of expert practitioners deliver sport science, sport medicine, life services, and coaching and technical leadership support to help Canada win medals and strengthen the sport system in Ontario and Canada.

Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre
875 Morningside Avenue, Suite 100
Toronto ON M1C 0C7

Canadian Sport Institute – Pacific

The Canadian Sport Institute – Pacific is a World-Class Olympic and Paralympic Training Environment. Through the support of our national and provincial partners, our team of sport scientists and medical experts provide programs and services to athletes and coaches to ensure they have every advantage to win medals for Canada.

Victoria – Vancouver – Whistler
4371 chemin Interurban
Victoria (CB) V9E 2C5

Canadian Sport Institute – Calgary

The Canadian Sport Institute – Calgary provides world-leading Olympic and Paralympic training environments to elite athletes and coaches across Alberta. Taking advantage of 27,000 square foot space located at the Markin MacPhail Centre, a team of experts delivers sport science and medicine, coaching and life services to power podium performances and help Canada win more medals.

Local 125, Anneau olympique
2500 University Dr. N.O.
Calgary, Alberta T2N 1N4

Canadian Sport Centre – Saskatchewan

The Canadian Sport Centre Saskatchewan (CSCS) offers a full range of services for athletes and coaches, covering all aspects of life—both inside and outside the sporting arena. Programs and services may be divided into three categories: performance services, support services and personal development services. These international-calibre services for athletes and coaches help to improve overall development. The Centre also works in partnership with provincial and national sports organizations to guarantee athletes’ access to the services and facilities they need to make their dreams come true.

1870 rue Lorne
Regina, SK S4P 2L7

Canadian Sport Centre – Manitoba

The Canadian Sport Centre Manitoba (CSCM) was created as one of the many legacies of the 1999 Pan American Games held in Winnipeg. Today, CSCM is the hub for high-performance sport in Manitoba. A proud member of the Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network, CSCM works to provide a world-class, multi-sport daily training environment for athletes and coaches through integrated services and programs in the fields of physiology, strength and conditioning, nutrition, psychology and support services.

Centre University of Manitoba
138 Frank Kennedy
Winnipeg MB, R3T 2N2

Canadian Sport Centre – Atlantic

Since its inception in 1998, the Canadian Sport Centre Atlantic (CSCA) has coordinated and delivered sport services to coaches and athletes throughout Atlantic Canada. The CSCA has developed partnerships and implemented programs that have helped build Atlantic Canada’s high performance sport structure and has led to the increase of the Atlantic Canadian Olympic/Paralympic contingent for the Olympic and Paralympic Games held in Beijing and London . Presently, over 150 athletes in the region benefit from the services provided by the CSCA and their staff.

26 prom. Thomas Raddall, bureau 166
Halifax, NS B3S 0E2

Institut national du sport du Québec

Institut national du sport du Québec is a membre of the Canadian Olympic and Paralympic Sport Institute Network. INS Québec offers a daily training environement as well as scientific, medical and professional services to aid the sport and personal development of more than 550 high-level athletes (mainly members of Canadian teams), around 2000 next-generation athletes and nearly 900 coaches.

4141 avenue Pierre-De Coubertin
Montréal, (Québec) H1V 3N7

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