Technical Leadership Workshops - Managing Risk & Budgeting and Financial Statements

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Technical Leadership Workshops - Managing Risk & Budgeting and Financial Statements

Technical Leadership Workshops - January 16th, 2018 


CSIO at Toronto Pan-Am Sports Centre | 875 Morningside Ave., Scarborough, ON  

Module 1: Managing Risk - 9:30am - 12:30pm
Module 2: Budgeting and Financial Statements  - 1:00pm - 4:00pm

Facilitator: Paul Varian


Early Bird Fee: Both Modules for $50
Early Bird ends December 20th

Standard Fee: Both Modules for $75
Standard Fees begin December 21st

Register for Coach to Leader at the Early Bird Rate and add the Technical Leadership Workshop Package on January 16 for only $25 + tax!

Regular Price for the Technical Leadership Workshops is $75 + tax!

Offer expires December 20th.


Managing risk isn’t something you expect to be on your list of things to do in sport management. But the fact is, risks are everywhere! And many sport organizations are learning that ensuring their success lies as much in how well they manage risks, as much as how strong their programs are.

The fact is, in recent times, risk management has quickly become one of the most important concerns of any Board of Directors. Amateur sport is not exempt! As a sport leader, it is imperative that you can identify, manage and mitigate risks you see at all levels. If you don’t, you are not serving your Board of Directors or organization at large well! Risk can range from threats to the survival of your organization, to threats to the welfare and safety of your athletes - and everything in between! To ignore it and hope it never effects you or simply goes aware is not an option. In these modern times, you have to manage it and do so responsibly!

Attend this workshop and learn how to take a systematic approach to managing risk in your sport organization. You’ll discover how risk management is not a complex world that only actuaries understand, but a pragmatic exercise in common sense! Paul Varian will outline a simple process you can go through to identify and manage risks in your organization. We’ll walk through a full risk management exercise for fictitious provincial sport organization in which we’ll identify risks together, and brainstorm ways to manage them!

Key highlights include:

  • Defining risk, and what managing it means
  • Examining risk in the context of amateur sport
  • Outlining a road map for risk management in your sport organization
  • ‘Heat maps’ and why they are so important!
  • Moving ideas into action: road-testing risk management in a fictitious PSO case study


The further up the pole of management you climb, the more you have to manage the numbers! It’s unavoidable! The days technical leaders waving their hand at financial matters and saying ‘I don’t do numbers, I just do the sport side’ are gone! As a technical lead, you are expected to understand and manage your technical budget tightly. And when your Board of Directors is reviewing the financial statements, you can expect questions (especially if the figures aren’t pretty reading!). Even though you are a technical sport leader, financial literacy is increasingly becoming expected of you.

The bottom line is this. Modern-day technical leads are realizing they need some basis of financial literacy to excel in their roles. No, they don’t need to be accountants. But they increasingly need a good working knowledge of basic financial management principles and financial reporting, and to be able to develop and tightly manage a technical budget.

This workshop strips the whole area of finance down to its most basic form and walks you through some key elements of finance that are quintessential in modern-day technical planning and reporting. You’ll learn how to read and interpret core financial statements and understand how your technical program affects them. And you’ll acquire the fundamentals of budgeting so you can present technical programs to your Board of Directors that are financial pragmatic.

Specific session components include:

  • Understanding Canadian GAAP accounting principles
  • Cash vs accrual accounting - what’s the difference?
  • How to read and interpret your income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement
  • Analyzing your balance sheet - what does it tell you about your organization?
  • Tips in how to budget your technical programs effectively
875 Morningside Avenue
TorontoToronto Division, Ontario M1C 0C7
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