Technical Leader Development Series – Module 6 - Developing Good Government Relations

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Time: 10:00AM - 2:00PM
This is a free event, a light lunch will be provided

This workshop is hugely important to stakeholders in Canadian sport! The federal and provincial government provides crucial funding to help sport governing bodies develop their top athletes, while also creating sport participation for all others. And on the ground in communities across the country, municipal government builds and maintains a vast array of sports facilities that citizens (especially our youth) enjoy sport though every day.

So isn’t it in our interests to strengthen our relationships with government, at all levels, to ensure every public dollar investment in sport is seen as a great investment by all? The more you can contribute to building a great relationship with government, as part of a holistic sport voice, the more secure your government funding will become and less likely it will be cut in difficult times.

In this interactive workshop, we will examine the important discipline of government relations. We’ll see that great government relations moves beyond hiring lobbyists or protesting with placards. Indeed, it speaks to the many little but unseen things that the best sport organizations do to ensure their government partners see them as valuable, trustworthy partners that can depended on to help move public policy.

Attend and see what you can do, as an organization and as the technical lead therein, to help build a winning relationship with government and the support that comes with this. Even if your primarily role is sport program delivery, knowing where you can help your sport’s relationship with government can be the difference between being seen as a great partner, rather than just another grant recipient. In particular, we’ll examine the following items:

  • Dispelling some myths and stereotypes about government and how it works
  • Various levels of government and funding types
  • Understanding policy and sport’s role in it
  • Taking a collective sport approach to working with government
  • Understanding the power of political forces
  • Do’s and don’ts in lobbying government
  • Why never missing an opportunity saying ‘thank you’ is so important

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