Sport Program Evaluation Workshop

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Sport Program Evaluation Workshop

10am-2pm, Tuesday September 19th 2017 
Toronto Pan-Am Sports Centre, 875 Morningside Drive, Scarborough, ON 

Fee:  $50 

Presenter:  Paul Varian, Principal, CAPITIS CONSULTING 

Amateur sport organizations are masters of program delivery! With very little resources, they can design and execute a program with admirable ease. But how many take the extra step to materially evaluate these programs, to determine how effective they have been in hitting their desired goals? 

Too often, amateur sport organizations keep their heads down running programs without understanding how effective they really are, and how/when they need to be changed. The result? Sport organizations constantly struggle to validate themselves to skeptical stakeholders, properly inform their Boards of Directors, or identify declining value in their programs to their users or customers before they are in serious distress. 

Great sport organizations understand that taking the time and effort to evaluate their programs is as important as running the program itself. It justifies budget investment, demonstrates execution of strategy, and shows value that could otherwise be hidden. And importantly, it exposes where programs have fallen short and where changes and future investment should be made! 

As a sport organization, evaluation of your performance is no longer a ‘nice to have’ activity! More and more, it is a non-negotiable requirement of your key stakeholders, in particular your funders (both government and corporate). 
In this hands-on workshop, Paul Varian will walk you through the fundamentals of sport program evaluation and outline a four-quadrant evaluation tool you can use to better understand how effective your sport programs are. Key highlights include: 

  • Identifying reasons why you need to systematically evaluate sport programs 
  • Exploring performance measures and KPIs - what they are, what they aren’t 
  • Understanding why data collection is important 
  • A four-cornered model for sport program evaluation 
  • How and when to use your evaluation results 

To register – please email Wendy Dobbin, CSIO Lead, Coach & Technical Leader Development 

875 Morningside Avenue
TorontoToronto Division, Ontario M1C 0C7
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