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CSIO Toronto 2015 Ontario Athlete Tracker – Post #4: Rowing, Judo, Triathlon and Canoe/Kayak

This week CSIO’s TO2015 Ontario Athlete Tracker takes a closer look at the Ontario athletes that will represent Canada at the 2015 Pan Am Games in Rowing, Judo, Triathlon, and Canoe/Kayak.


Rowing Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee named 26 athletes to represent Canada at this summer’s Pan Am Games, 13 of whom are from Ontario. The Ontario rowers are:


  • Matthew Buie, Duntroon, ON (M2x; M4x)
  • Will Crothers, Kingston, ON (M4-; M8+)
  • Rob Gibson, Kingston, ON (M1x; M4x)
  • Katie Goodfellow, Perth, ON (W4x)
  • Mark Henry, Guelph, ON (LM2x)
  • Jacob Koudys, Fonthill, ON (M8+ (coxswain))
  • Kerry Maher-Shaffer, Welland, ON (W2x; W4x)
  • Conlin McCabe, Brockville, ON (M4-; M8+)
  • Nicolas Pratt, Kingston, ON (LM4-)
  • Kate Sauks, Owen Sound, ON (LW2x)
  • Tim Schrijver, Forest, ON (M4-; M8+)
  • Eric Woelfl, St. Catharines, ON (LM4-)
  • Carling Zeeman, Cambridge, ON (W1x; W4x)

Katie Goodfellow, Tim Schrijver, Eric Woelfl, and Carling Zeeman have all been a part of CSIO’s Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative (OHPSI) through Row to Podium. Row to Podium is Canada’s official talent identification and development program for rowing, with the goal of molding new and emerging athletes into future Olympic and Paralympic Champions. It is a joint venture between Row Ontario, Rowing Canada, and CSIO’s OHPSI program. These athletes along with Senior National Team rowers training out of Rowing Canada’s National Training Centre in London, ON, have access to CSIO’s sport science and sport medicine services through a dedicated Integrated Support Team (IST). This includes Senior Strength and Conditioning Coach, Ed McNeely and a full-time Sport Scientist team working with the athletes in their daily training environment in London. The rowing team also has access to a compliment of other discipline services and expert practitioners for their training and testing needs out of their dry land training centre located in close proximity to the on water venue.

On the coaching side, Ontario coaches include National Women’s Assistant Coach, Tom Morris (London, ON); National Women’s Assistant Coach, Volker Nolte (London, ON); and National Lightweight Men’s Coach, Al Morrow (London, ON). Al has been a part of CSIO’s Coach to Leader program. The Coach to Leader program is a partnership between CSIO and Performance Coaching Inc. working with a select group of Ontario’s high performance coaches to enhance their leadership skills.


Judo Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee have announced the team of judokas representing Canada at the 2015 Pan Am Games. Four of the fourteen athletes nominated to Team Canada are from Ontario:

  • Zachary Burt, Whitby, ON
  • Jonah Burt, Whitby, ON
  • Martin Rygielski, St. Clements, ON
  • Kelita Zupancic, Whitby, ON

Martin Rygielski and Kelita Zupancic have both been a part of CSIO’s OHPSI program, before moving on to the Senior National Team and Judo Canada’s National Training Centre based out of Montreal, Quebec.

All four Ontario athletes have trained with current OHPSI supported coach, Pedro Guedes. The OHPSI investment also supports the creation of full time coaching roles and provides opportunities for coach professional development. Pedro is also a graduate of the Advanced Coaching Diploma program, providing high performance coaches with additional training and education on their path to coaching at the National Team level.

Judo Ontario is a resident sport at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre where CSIO’s main office is located, allowing the judokas and their coaches direct access to CSIO, it’s sport science and sport medicine services, as well as leadership and coach development.

The following Ontario athletes were named by Triathlon Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee to the 2015 Pan Am Games Team:

  • Joanna Brown, Carp, ON
  • Kyle Jones, Oakville, ON
  • Andrew Yorke, Caledon East, ON

Both Joanna Brown and Andrew Yorke have been OHPSI supported athletes during their career. One of the team’s coaches, Craig Taylor (Guelph, ON), is an OHPSI supported coach receiving leadership and coach development opportunities from CSIO. Craig is the lead coach of Guelph’s Regional Training Centre, a Triathlon Canada, Triathlon Ontario and CSIO supported daily training environment.


CanoeKayak Canada in conjunction with the Canadian Olympic Committee recently named their Sprint Team for the Pan Am Games. The Ontario contingent of the Sprint Team is headlined by Four-Time Olympic Medallist Adam van Koeverden (Oakville, ON) and Olympic Bronze Medallist Mark Oldershaw (Burlington, ON). The Ontario athletes are:

Men’s Kayak:

  • Brady Reardon, Burlington, ON (Men’s K4 1000m)
  • Adam van Koeverden, Oakville, ON (Men’s K1 1000m)

Women’s Kayak:

  • Kathleen Carole (KC) Fraser, Oakville, ON (Women’s K4 500m)

Men’s Canoe:

  • Mark Oldershaw, Burlington, ON (Men’s C1 1000m)

Adam and Mark, along with KC FraserBrady Reardon and other members of the National Team receive sport science and sport medicine services from CSIO and our team of experts. Their IST includes CSIO’s Strength and Conditioning Coach, Chris Chapman and Sport Nutritionist, Christine DziedzicKC is also a former OHPSI program athlete.

Ontario coaches include Larry Cain (Oakville, ON), Scott Oldershaw (Toronto, ON) and Rob Stott (Toronto, ON). Rob is a supported Canoe/Kayak NextGen Training Group coach through the OHPSI program and he is also a participant in the Coach to Leader program.

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