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CSIO Toronto 2015 Ontario Athlete Tracker – Post #2: Trampoline, Sailing and Synchro Swim

This week CSIO’s TO2015 Ontario Athlete Tracker takes a closer look at the Ontario athletes that will represent Canada at the 2015 Pan Am Games in Trampoline, Sailing and Synchronized Swimming.


Gymnastics Canada and Canadian Olympic Committee named four athletes to the trampoline team for the Games. Three of the four athletes are from Ontario and bring a wealth of experience to the team:

  • 2012 Olympic Gold Medallist & Defending Pan Am Games Gold Medallist – Rosie MacLennan, King City, ON
  • 3-Time Olympic Medallist – Karen Cockburn, Stouffville, ON
  • 2008 Olympic Silver Medallist – Jason Burnett, Nobleton, ON

Samantha Sendel of Aurora, ON was named an Alternate to the team.

The Ontario trampolinists receive ongoing sport science and sport medicine support through CSIO and our team of experts. CSIO’s Integrated Support Team (IST) includes Strength and Conditioning Coach, Chris Chapman; Mental Performance Consultant, Dr. Judy Goss; and Sport Biomechanist, Carolyn Taylor. The team receives these services, as well as physiotherapy and nutrition support, both onsite at CSIO’s state-of-the-art facility at Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre and at their daily training environment at Skyriders trampoline facility.

Dave Ross of Thornhill, ON was named Head Coach for the trampoline team. Throughout 2014 and early 2015, the CSIO in partnership with Performance Coaching Incorporated worked with a select group of Ontario’s high performance coaches to enhance their leadership skills through a program called Coach to Leader. Dave Ross was a part of CSIO’s Coach to Leader program.


Ontario athletes also make up 11 of the 18 sailors that were nominated by Sail Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee to represent Canada on the water at the 2015 Pan Am Games.

The Ontario contingent of the sailing team is as follows:

  • Sandy (Donald) Andrews, Toronto, ON – Open J24
  • Daniel Borg, Toronto, ON – Open Hobie 16
  • Brenda Bowskill, Toronto, ON – Women’s Laser Radial
  • Danielle Boyd , Kingston, ON – Women’s 49er FX
  • Alexandra Damley-Strnad, Mississauga, ON – Open Snipe
  • Liana Giovando, Toronto, ON – Open Hobie 16
  • David Jarvis, Toronto, ON – Open J24
  • Evert McLaughlin, Toronto, ON – Open Snipe
  • Terry McLaughlin, Toronto, ON – Open J24
  • David Ogden, Toronto, ON – Open J24
  • Lee Parkhill, Oakville, ON – Men’s Laser One Person Dinghy

Danielle Boyd, Brenda Bowskill and Evert McLaughlin have been OHPSI supported athletes. OHPSI is a program designed by CSIO to provide sport science and sport medicine services to athletes who are best capable of achieving future international success on senior national teams in targeted winter and summer sports. OHPSI investment also supports the creation of full time coaching roles, contributes to training camps and international events, as well as provides for coach professional development. Identified athletes utilize CSIO’s facility space at the Toronto Pan Am Sports Centre to train, test and receive services including strength and conditioning, nutrition and mental performance. As well, Lee Parkhill is a registered National Team athlete with CSIO, utilizing our facility and amenities as part of his training plan. Key members of the CSIO’s IST team for sailing includes Strength and Conditioning Lead, Sheldon Persad; Mental Performance Consultant, Dr. Judy Goss; Sport Nutritionist, Christine St. Clair; and Sport Physiologist, Rob Rupf.

Two of the sailing coaches named to the team are also actively engaged with CSIOSteve Mitchell of Toronto, ON, like Dave Ross, is part of the Coach to Leader program; while Chris Cook of Whitby, ON is an OHPSI supported coach and part of the Advanced Coaching Diploma program. The Advanced Coaching Diploma program provides high performance coaches with additional training and education on their path to coaching at the National Team level.


The final announcement to recap in this week’s installment of CSIO’s TO2015 Ontario Athlete Tracker is the synchronized swimming team nominated by Synchro Canada and the Canadian Olympic Committee. The Synchro team features two Ontario athletes competing in the Team Event. They are:

  • Samantha Nealon, Morriston, ON
  • Lisa Sanders, Gormley, ON

Rebecca Maule of Guleph, ON was named an alternate for the team.

While CSIO does not work directly with synchro’s Senior National Team athletes and those named to the team for the 2015 Games, synchronized swimming is an OHPSI supported sport a the provincial level. CSIO works with Synchro Swim Ontario to provide leadership, sport science and sport medicine programs and services to those athletes and coaches that are best capable of achieving future success on the Senior National Team.

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