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CSIO RFP: Design and Development of New CSIO Website

CSIO strength and conditioning gym.

CSIO is launching a project to create a new website that is professionally designed and developed to be user friendly and easy to navigate, both on the front and back ends. We are looking for expertise in the development of a website strategy, site design and structure, and the implementation of a new, robust and flexible content management system (CMS).

For complete details on the RFP process, please view the CSIO RFP: Website Development

Website RFP Timelines:

July 29, 2021 RFP is posted
August 6, 2021 Companies can submit email questions until the end of day
August 6, 2021. Q&A summary is sent to all participants via
e-mail by August 9, 2021.
August 20, 2021 Companies are to submit their Proposals by 4:00PM EST on August 20, 2021. Companies not responding by this date and time will be disqualified.
August 27, 2021 CSIO will contact companies that have been short listed for selection.
Week of
September 6, 2021
Short listed companies will be given opportunity to conduct a Proposal Presentation.
September 20, 2021 Successful company will be notified.