Athlete Engagement Strategies: Rugby Canada

Thursday, June 4, 2020

Title: Athlete Engagement Strategies

Host: Sandro Fiorino - Rugby Canada Sr Women’s 15 Head Coach -Rugby Canada Women’s 7’s Ontario Academy Head Coach

Co Hosts: Paul Connelly – Rugby Ontario High Performance Manager, Sean Medeiros - Rugby Ontario High Performance Coordinator.

Presenters: Kelly Russell, Jeremy Cairnie, Kris Robertson, Amy Stefaniuk


This video open’s the doors to how Rugby Canada and Rugby Ontario have evolved their programming, monitoring and overall support to their athletes during the impacts faced during the COVID-19 pandemic.


Sandro and his team speak to:

  • The platforms and tools used to communicate, educate and stay engaged with their athletes,
  • How skills training has been modified to accommodate at home resources,
  • Expectations on how Speed, Power and Strength will be affected during isolation,
  • Strategies used to improve and maintain mobility at home with target to prepare athletes to re-engage with training volumes and avoid injury in future and,
  • A players perspective on the support received to date and excitement for the future.
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