CSIO Athlete of the Month

Hamilton, ON

Canadian Sport Institute Ontario (CSIO) is proud to recognize Myles Misener-Daley as the OHPSI Athlete of the Month. Myles is an Athletics Ontario athlete and a recent OFSAA triple crown champion, winning Gold in the senior boys 100m, 200m, and 400m races this month. This is his third consecutive year winning all three races at OFSAA, coupled with his Gold in the 100m and 200m races in his first year competing at OFSAA.   

To add to his achievements, Myles broke the Canadian U20 record for the 400m race with a phenomenal time of 45.71. His 400m time ranks him 60th in the world and 4th in the world by athlete in the U20 age category.

Through the Ontario High Performance Sport Initiative (OHPSI), Myles receives integrated support from CSIO in an array of areas, allowing Myles and his coach, Matthew Hodgson, to integrate the information into Myles’ training and competition plans. This includes physical testing to be used for benchmarking purposes and a musculoskeletal screen performed by CSIO Physiology staff. The screen will be used in combination with recommended exercises to address any current and potential issues arising from muscle imbalances/weaknesses and tightness that could lead to injury.

As an Athletics Ontario OHPSI athlete, Myles receives information from CSIO Nutrition staff, highlighting the importance of nutrition and how it can speed recovery and improve daily performance; as well as mental performance information to help him improve his ideal performance state and identify performance blocks. Myles will also receive therapy support from CSIO at the upcoming Provincial and National Championships to help ensure he’s in top form to compete.

Myles will represent Canada at the Pan American U20 Athletics Championships July 19-21 in San Jose, Costa Rica.

  • Broke the U20 Canadian 400m record
  • Won Gold at the senior boys 100m, 200m, and 400m 2019 OFSAA races

Photo: Kevin Daley