Tyson MacDonald

Para Swimming


Pamphinette Buisa

Rugby 7s


CSIO Athlete Spotlight

CSIO is thrilled to rollout the second installation of our new Athlete Spotlight program! This new initiative highlights selected CSIO registered athletes throughout the year on our website and social media outlets. Athletes who are selected for a highlight will receive a gift from Community Partner, Cool Canuck!

This Spotlight goes to Tyson MacDonald from Swim Canada, and Pamphinette Buisa from Rugby Canada! Here is why they were selected:

There exceptional courage resilience and positivity through being forced to train from a tiny student apartment whilst being unable to train in a proper facility due to Ontario’s lock down and stay at home order. Through this difficult time Tyson still managed to push himself and continue to inspire everyone around them to be the best version of themselves in and outside of sport!

On Tyson MacDonald Athlete Spotlight Selection

She led the Black Lives Matter rally in Victoria, BC, with over 9,000 people live/ online. She is selfless and always giving back to the community. She makes everything around her better and uplifts everyone else around her.

On Pamphinette Buisa Athlete Spotlight Selection

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