Kylie Masse


Toronto, ON

CSIO Athlete Spotlight

CSIO is thrilled to rollout the next installment of our Athlete Spotlight program! This initiative highlights selected CSIO registered athletes throughout the year on our website and social media outlets. Athletes who are selected for a highlight will receive a gift from Community Partner, Cool Canuck!

This Spotlight goes to Kylie Masse of Swimming Canada! Here is why she was selected:

Kylie Masse

Kylie should be nominated because she is very dedicated and always pushing the limit!

Nominator On Kylie Masse Athlete Spotlight Selection

I am honoured to receive the CSIO Athlete Spotlight! There are so many amazing, hardworking & resilient athletes that train out of CSIO. Therefore, I am extremely grateful to be accepting this recognition. I am thankful for my teammates and coaches who push me to be the best athlete I can be. Lastly, I am thankful for CSIO, the staff and resources, as they have provided me incredible opportunities and support to push the boundaries in my sport & passion.

Kylie Masse Athlete Spotlight Nominee

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