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Iliya Kovler

Figure Skating


CSIO Athlete Spotlight

CSIO is thrilled to rollout the next installment of our Athlete Spotlight program! This new initiative highlights selected CSIO registered athletes throughout the year on our website and social media outlets. Athletes who are selected for a highlight will receive a gift from Community Partner, Cool Canuck!

This Spotlight goes to Erika Polidori from Softball Canada and Iliya Kovler from Skate Ontario! Here is why they were selected:

On Erika Polidori

Erika is one of the most selfless people I know and is always the first person to reach out, or follow up, when something might be off with one of her teammates.  In her (limited) spare time from training she works as a nurse and touches the lives of so many!

Nominator On Erika Polidori Athlete Spotlight Selection

It’s such an honour to be nominated by a peer for this spotlight series. I love Cool Canuck and am excited to wear more of their gear! Go Canada!

Erika Polidori Athlete Spotlight Nominee

On Iliya Kovler

[Iliya] has been training very well under the circumstances, and they have a very good attitude everyday during training

Nominator On Iliya Kovler Athlete Spotlight Selection

I am very excited to be a part of the Athlete spotlight! It means a lot to be nominated by a peer, although we are in an individual sport I am a team player and I want the best for all my peers!

Iliya Kovler Athlete Spotlight Nominee

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