Chris Mouland


Toronto, ON

Chris Mouland sailing / Chris Mouland en train de faire la voile

CSIO Athlete Spotlight

CSIO is thrilled to rollout the next installment of our Athlete Spotlight program! This initiative highlights selected CSIO registered athletes throughout the year on our website and social media outlets. Athletes who are selected for a highlight will receive a gift from Community Partner, Cool Canuck!

This Spotlight goes to Chris Mouland of Ontario Sailing! Here is why he was selected:

Chris Mouland

Chris continuously looks for ways to improve his holistic athlete development and always takes the initiative to ask questions and learn how to get better as an athlete and as a person. Chris is committed and an excellent keeper of his records, demonstrating near perfect attendance to his training and tracking. This past September, Chris came out with a 1st place finish at Fall CORK in the ILCA 6, overcoming challenging conditions. Way to go Chris!

Nominator On Chris Mouland Athlete Spotlight Selection

I am honoured to be nominated for the athlete spotlight! Working with CSIO for the past few years and having the constant support from my strength and conditioning coach Christine has been incredible for my development. I’m also very grateful to have access to outstanding programs and facilities to help measure and aid in my improvement!

Chris Mouland Athlete Spotlight Nominee

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