Anna Dunn-Suen

Beach Volleyball

Halifax, NS / Toronto, ON

CSIO Athlete Spotlight

CSIO is thrilled to rollout the next installment of our Athlete Spotlight program! This initiative highlights selected CSIO registered athletes throughout the year on our website and social media outlets. Athletes who are selected for a highlight will receive a gift from Community Partner, Cool Canuck!

This Spotlight goes to Anna Dunn-Suen of Volleyball Canada! Here is why she was selected:

Anna keeps up the good spirit at training and brings a daily dose of sunshine and happiness in our daily training environment!

Nominator On Anna Dunn-Suen Athlete Spotlight Selection

It’s an honour to be nominated, I do really try and keep things positive in the training environment so it’s especially nice to be recognized by my teammates for that!

Anna Dunn-Suen Athlete Spotlight Nominee

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