Anita Comella

Job Title: 

As Senior Director of Facilities Development at Tennis Canada, Anita leads facility development projects at both the grassroots and high-performance levels across the country. She has recently worked on the development of a world-class Atlantic Tennis Centre in Halifax, NS and is currently working on the development of a Pacific Tennis Centre in Burnaby, BC. At the grassroots level she leads a new national strategic initiative to increase the number of year-round covered tennis courts across the country to allow Canadians to play tennis in any community, any time of the year.

Prior to joining Tennis Canada, Anita was the Assistant Dean of Co-Curricular Physical Activity and Sport at the University of Toronto’s Faculty of Kinesiology and Physical Education.  Anita completed her Bachelor of Kinesiology at York University, her Bachelor of Education at University of Windsor and her Master of Education at University of Toronto. She has also sat on numerous federal/provincial sport committees and has held multiple sport development positions within the Government of Ontario including the Director of Sport and Recreation in the former Ontario Ministry of Health Promotion and Sport. With over two decades of sport and recreation experience, Anita has also been on the leadership team for multiple Canada Games Mission Teams, as well as Team Canada Mission Teams for Commonwealth and Paralympic Games.  She is also currently Chair of Tennis Canada’s Equality Strategy Committee to enhance opportunities for women and girls in tennis.